Mission Statement
Through thoughtful collaboration with clients; Sustainabella Design seeks to make wise use of resources, innovate beautiful design solutions that communicate effectively, and develop sustainable marketing strategies for client businesses and organizations.
About Doris
Doris Bailey Spencer started Sustainabella Design LLC, in 2010, after completing a degree in Visual Communications. Doris’ skill set includes a combination of artistic, technical and interpersonal skills. Doris’ background as a social worker contributes tremendous depth and insight to her work as a web developer, graphic designer and social media consultant.

Doris works with her clients to maximize their resources and find sustainable, efficient and affordable marketing tools that will work with any budget. Sustainabella Design clients have included small businesses, mid-size businesses, a large corporation, and non-profit organizations.

Sustainabella Design
“Bella” (pronounced bā·ya) is a Spanish word that means “beautiful,” in English. Sustainabella, with a Spanish twist to the pronunciation, is pronounced “sus·tain·uh·bā·ya.” The anglicized pronunciation or Italian pronunciation would be “sus·tain·uh·bell·uh.” Doris lived for 2 years in Venezuela and has visited many Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America. (Doris vivió por 2 años en Venezuela y le gusta mucho hablar el español.)
Sustainabella is a playful variation of the word sustainable. Sustainabella Design is committed to promoting cultural diversity, strong communities, a healthy lifestyle and love of Mother Earth.