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Doris used her own name as her business entity when she first started her business. Her initial logo was based on her name.

As Doris’ business evolved, she realized that her interest in food, health and the environment; as well as her abilities in making a dollar go far, could serve as inspiration for naming and branding her business. As Doris contemplated a new business name and the work that would go into redesigning a logo, she realized that she could still keep the core of her logo if she found a way to use the same 3 initials in her new business name. Sustainable was a word that represented her values, interests and abilities. Bella is a Spanish word that means beautiful and spoke of Doris’ bilingual abilities as well as her ability to make things beautiful through graphic design and artistic expression. Sustainabella Design contained the same 3 letters as Doris Bailey Spencer, just in reverse!

With a change in color palette and some other tweaks to the original logo, the branding for Doris’ business blended an original idea with a new idea. The slider on this page features the first logo, the homepage of Doris’ first business website and the rebranded logo.

In starting her own business, Doris gained valuable experience in branding that she has, in turn, been able to share with clients. (See Brookhaven Neighborhood Association and New Roots.)