Digital Illustration

Waterlily illustration

The technical: Gradient meshes in Illustrator, an eye for detail and a love of beauty are the secrets behind rendering a realistic water lily illustration. Doris used a photograph as a guide to produce this digital illustration.

The plant: Botanically speaking, the water lily and lotus are different, yet share some common characteristics. They grow in muddy water. Yet when the shoots and buds rise from the mud and are bathed in sunlight, they produce pristine flowers with many layers of petals that surround warm, golden stamens.

The symbolism: Many cultures associate various meanings/symbolism with the water lily/lotus. In yoga, the lotus position is used for meditation. May this beautiful flower inspire peace, stillness, rebirth and healing.

Behold Lotus, out of the mud whose mighty leaves unfurl
Catching dewdrops like pools of glittering jewels with her embrace
Out of the mud I rise with buds and leaves tightly wound
To burst forth with color and form of delicate strength

Water is life. The Lotus grows in the water but springs from the mud. The signature of exquisite beauty from the muck of the primordial earth. Signature is Earthbound reaching spiritually skyward.

Embodies the four elements. Progression from earth/mud, through the water/life, within its cycles the fire of transformation/leaves and flowers unfurl, always reaching upwards towards the sky and sun into the air/ether of the spiritual kingdom.

~ Share Siwek