Logo Design

Olive Tree Counseling logo on brown backgroundOlive Tree Counseling
Maja Cupać wanted to develop branding for her soon-to-be launched private practice, so Doris designed a logo for Olive Tree Counseling. The spaces in the design are etched out, so that the logo may be printed on papers of various colors or digitally displayed on backgrounds of different colors.


Brookhaven Neighborhood Association
Designing a logo for the newly formed Brookhaven Neighborhood Association was important in helping the Association to establish an identity and gain recognition. The board identified convenient location and beautiful, green, friendly, family-oriented neighborhood to be some of the words that described BNA logo in black and whitethe personality they wanted their logo to communicate. The flowing, intersecting lines of the logo represent the nearby expressways and the brook that flows through the neighborhood.

 The Piano Studio at Fern Holler
The Piano Studio at Fern Holler “looks out onto a deck overlooking a steep forested ravine dotted with native flame honeysuckle and mountain laurel, and filled with wild fern — hence the name Fern Holler,” wrote client, Kim Myers, when she first contacted me about designing a logo for the piano studio she planned to open. She Color Logowanted her logo to play off a fern theme, show the spores on the underside of the fern leaf and incorporate music notes into the spores. The final rendition of the logo included 2 versions (one with at, the other with @) to allow for the future possibility of creating a Twitter or Instagram handle.