Postcard & Ad

  • ELL Postcard
  • Ad in Spanish

Promotional Postcard and Ad

Doris prepared 2 postcard versions, one in English and the other in Spanish. With some minor adjustments in dimensions, it was also used as an ad in the Spanish language newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. After extracting the 2 people on the postcard from a larger photo, Doris used a Photoshop filter to add a fun, cartoon effect to the images. They were an actual teacher and student from the English Language Learners (ELL) classes.

The postcard was distributed throughout nearby neighborhoods and used to invite new students to learn English as a second language through the program offered at James Lees Presbyterian Church. The ad ran several times in Al Día en America. Funding for the advertising campaign was provided by Second Presbyterian Church. The ad and the postcard were successful in attracting new students!